Treks and Rock Climb in Nepal

Rock climbing in Nepal has been establishing as a one of the most attractive outdoor and indoor (Man Made artificial rock walls) sports in Nepal. Some rock climbing activities in Nepal can be done by day trip, conveniently combine a rock climbing adventure with another trekking package, for an extended Himalayan experience. yet our main event is our extravagant 14 day climbing and hiking trip, taking you to the tops of peaks, numerous rock faces, and wonder filled mountain landscapes. To scale towering Himalayan rock faces might seem intimidating and dangerous to Some, yet accompanied with our guides and equipment, it is quite a safe and exciting activity.

Our Pikey peak Rock Climbing is a situated in Eastern Nepal and offers you a typical version of rock climbing.  step by step have just launched this 14 day rock climbing adventure tour. This wonderful package will bring you to the face of many different climbing routs, Cultural diversity, local home atmosphere, and hiking in the various mountain scenery spots wrapping things up upon the summit of Pikey Peak.

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Best Seasons:jan-dec
Popular Location:Nepal, Himalayan Region ,
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