It is a great pleasure to introduce to you my newly established company. My name is KRISHNA LAMA (Bholon) or for short, KRISH. I was born in a remote part of mid-east Nepal, close to Kachanganga - the third highest mountain on earth. At the age of 17 I moved to Pokhara, the gateway to the Annapurna region and second largest tourist destination in Nepal. I worked for many different trekking companies throughout the region, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience. At age 23, after training with the Nepalese Government’s tourism department, I became a senior independent trekking guide. Working independently, I began to wonder how I could bring the wonders of Himalayan hospitality to all of my customers, while combining a fantastic trekking experience with Nepal’s rich cultural history. So after years of hard work, mountain exploration and trekking experience I have established my own company: Step by Step Treks & Adventures P.Ltd, where my customers will get the responsibility, safety and top quality services that independent service cannot provide.

“Customer Satisfaction is our “KARMA” (Fate) and we assure you to provide comfort in every step.”

Working as a Government Authority has many advantages over my previous position as a freelance guide. The main advantage is that we have the legal means to provide our customers with the safest possible options. Rarely in trekking a critical situation will arise. If a customer should suffer an accident, such as a landslide, an avalanche, severe weather patterns, or serious altitude sickness, a freelance guide may not be able to provide the most immediate rescue services. As a Government Authority we have access to the best rescue services possible, including air-ambulance (helicopter), which ensures the maximum safety of our customers. We can be relied upon to take great responsibility in any kind of crisis, such as an accident, sickness, etc, and as well as providing the best possible rescue services we will manage emergency arrangements to keep families properly informed and up to date with the correct information. A company guide will always follow the rules and regulations put in place by the Nepalese Government to protect trekking tourists. There have been instances of people posing as guides online, requesting advance cash deposits, and then running away with the money. Tourists should be careful where they send their money - and as an official organization which is registered with the Government, our services are fully guaranteed. Customers can feel confident and secure booking their holiday with Step by Step Treks & Adventures, safe in the knowledge that we are represented by the highest possible authority.